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Choose Salt Lake Virtual Elementary


As the time to register for school is upon us, it is good to remember that Salt Lake City School District has many wonderful options that will serve your children well.  I also wanted to remind you that we have an online school option for elementary students.  Salt Lake Virtual Elementary is a fantastic choice for students, which provides academic and social learning opportunities that rival any other school.  Salt Lake Virtual Elementary includes the following:

·         Caring, skilled teachers who are student-centered

·         Laptop, headset, mouse, textbooks, and other learning supplies for every student

·         Art class

·         Dance class

·         Music class

·         Online P.E.


·         Recess and lunch breaks

·         Brain breaks

·         Optional monthly in-person learning opportunities

·         Small class sizes

Parents choose Salt Lake Virtual for many reasons.  Some of those include:

·         Health of student or family members

·         Lack of bullying

·         Less intense for students with anxiety

·         Parents who travel

·         Home school feel with the advantage of a highly qualified professional teacher

·         Safety

If you would be interested in learning more about Salt Lake Virtual Elementary you may email Principal Kenneth Limb at or call 801-238-5595.